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What is Athletic Therapy?

Certified Athletic Therapists are best known for their quick-thinking on-field emergency care of
professional and elite athletes. The first to respond when someone gets hurt, they are experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation. It’s that same mix of on-site care and active rehabilitation skills that makes Athletic Therapists so effective in treating the musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, and joints) injuries of all Canadians, whether on the field or in the clinic. Certified Athletic Therapists can be recognized by the credential CAT(C).

Athletic Therapists can assess and treat a wide range of orthopedic injuries – from chronic muscular pain to acute trauma. Some of these conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Muscle pain
  • Strains & sprains, tendonitis, bursitis
  • Pre- & post-surgical rehabilitation (fractures, ligament/meniscus repair)
  • Rotator cuff/shoulder injuries
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Postural dysfunction
  • TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain)

Christina holds a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Athletics Therapy from Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Following stints with the Saint Mary University Football team, Calgary NorthStars Hockey Association, and Calgary Canadian Irish Rugby Club, Christina returned to Barrie and spent a few years covering Simcoe County high school sports, Barrie Colts AAA hockey, and 3 IBL Championship seasons with the Barrie Baycats. She most recently spent the last 5 years working as an expert compression garment and orthopedic brace fitter.

With an emphasis on soft tissue techniques as well as rehabilitation and return-to-play exercises, Christina’s goal is to restore function and help you recover from injuries to get you back to your field of play, whether that’s the rink, links, or garden.

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